What a Start!

The blog was officially launched today, and I have been overwhelmed with the support, thank you.

I’m here to do another meal planner post so here goes…

Last fortnight’s planning went well, we made a few adjustments but did not have to have to go back to the supermarket after the big shop which is a big deal for us as if we step foot in the supermarket we invariably spend at least $30 if not more.  We did go to our local fruit shop to buy bread and milk as needed.

This time our planned meals are (in no particular order):

  1. Tomato/mince pasta (we only had one meal of this last fortnight despite planning for two)
  2. Home made sushi – a big success, we want to do it again
  3. Crockpot vegetable lasagne (a recipe brought to my attention by Andrea from Simple Organized Living)
  4. Crockpot vegetable lasagne
  5. Steak and salad
  6. Roast pork
  7. Pork chops and steamed vegetables
  8. Rice rolls
  9. Tacos
  10. Roast Chicken
  11. Home made burgers
  12. Chicken shish kabob
  13. Tuna mornay/pasta bake
  14. Vegetable patty/sausage with salad

Have you tried meal planning before?  What do you find are your stumbling blocks?  Do you have specific days for specific meals or do you like to allow for spontaneous decision?

3 Responses to What a Start!

  1. Rhianna says:

    I tried to organise meal plans here, but it failed for various reasons. We all have usual work rosters that have us all out of the house at dinner times on various nights. That is probably the chief reason it fails for us. I do try to get Joe and Brittany to cook one night a week each. Brittany generally goes something Mexican for dinner – tacos, enchiladas ect and Joe cooks a variety of things from vegie and pasta bakes, spaghetti, ect. I do tend to make a few Asian dishes and try to make up a stack of dumplings for steaming (for lunches) and freeze them. Same with won tons so I can just grab some and throw them in a chicken broth with some egg pasta for a simple won ton soup lunch option. In winter, we tend to do a lot of miso veggie soup options.

    2011 was about ethical consumption for us. We cut beef from our diet entirely as it is the number one unethical food product in the world. We switched to free range chicken and because of the cost associated with it, we reduced our consumption to make it a viable option. Not only is it healthier for us, but it is also healthier for the world in which we live. We got the “Ethical Australia” iPhone app and decided to only purchase from companies we knew were ethical. In 2010, we changed the way we shopped for the same reasons – choosing to purchase local fruit, veggies and meats rather than shop at Coles and Woolworths. These changes in our shopping practices have bought us a great deal of peace of mind.

    The more we explored these options, the more we investigated, the more compelled we were to vote with our consumer dollars to ease our conciousness. If you are interested in learning more, sing out. Id be happy to fill you in on information 😉

  2. Renée says:

    I have been pointed to the Ethical Australia website/app from another friend too. It got a bit lost in my push to get this site ready for launch,but I will make some time to look at it some more.

    We have recently agreed as a family to do at least one meat free dinner per week which was the first step in reducing our meat consumption. As we get more meat free meals to our repertoire I hope they will reoccur more frequently in our week.

    We have also made a conscious effort to cut our portion sizes as another relatively pain free way to cut our meat consumption and already our basic bolognaise recipe uses 300g (just over half a pound) of mince instead of 500g (just over a pound). We then use a tin of lentils to bulk up the volume a bit too. One batch of this meat sauce with then do 2 meals for us.

    For now, we will continue to make small changes that will hopefully add up over time to making a bigger change. I truly believe in the power of this kind of change.

    Thanks for reading and commenting Rhianna, I appreciate it.

  3. Rhianna says:

    rule of thumb for healthy meat consumption… You want to eat a protein server (meat) about the size and thickness of your palm. From memory, its about 150g for women, and 200 for men.

    You are welcome.

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