Well, here I am again

Hello world!

I’m still kicking about, albeit in a very different spot than when I last wrote, but I guess that is to be expected 3.5 years later!

My girls are bigger (both in school), I’ve had a change of career, moved to 2 different cities, and survived a rather nasty bout of depression. I’m also now a student – studying Nutrition at university.

It is the currently the middle of the night and trying to distract myself from some destructive thoughts, so thought I’d put a metaphorical pen to paper and write.

Im not sure what I will do with this site, but I do enjoy writing from time to time and I still think I fall into the accidental hippy category – with hope that a bit more stability in my life will give me more opportunity to focus on my green goals.

My current goal is to want less, to live with less, and be happy with less. We’ve just had a move and I’m trying hard to weed out that which no longer serves me and not even bring it into the house (you should see the pile in the garage!).

It is both cathartic and difficult to do this, but I find it a really good thing to do periodically. Getting caught up in my “stuff” brings its own challenges – if only to look after it all and maintain it.

That said, I have also had a big buying splurge of new furniture and the like as we set up our new home, but I know I’m near the end of that process with tonight’s online purchase of a new bed.

On that note, I’m off perchance to dream.

Talk again soon,


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