We Keep On Eating – Meal Plan 29th January – 11th February

Meal planning is still progressing relatively well.  We had a few unplanned/leftover meals mostly due to celebrating Miss Squid’s Birthday and not having the energy to cook properly.

We also had an unplanned “take away (out)” meal for Miss Squid’s actual Birthday – is anyone surprised that when you ask a 3 year old what they want for dinner it involves chips (fries)?

In the good news, we again limited the number of trips to the supermarket and have residual stocks in the fridge/freezer/pantry as well.

We are still over budget this month, but not by nearly as much  (it is a work in progress).

When I saw how close we were to the end of the month in this next meal planning block, I had hope that I could wait ’til the new month to go shopping to both stretch the budget and clean up some of the left overs etc.  It soon became apparent though that some of our staples were running out (think toilet paper and Vegemite) and that I would need to go shopping this month.  In time though, I might look at revising my meal planning to allow for end of the month run outs of stocks on hand.  I expect that this will make our next month food budget easier to stick to.

This fortnight I will be using up some recipes planned but not used last fortnight, and have left a space for one leftover/freezer meal.

Our plan is:

  1. Out to dinner with visiting relatives
  2. Veggie patties (not used last fortnight)
  3. Sushi (not made last fortnight)
  4. Rice paper rolls/wraps (not made last fortnight
  5. Crockpot vegetarian lasagne (freezer meal)
  6. Home made burgers
  7. Polenta Crumbed Lamb Chops (CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Book 2)
  8. Roast
  9. Chicken Korma
  10. Steak with steamed vegetables
  11. Salmon portion with salad
  12. Homemade pizza
  13. Homemade burgers
  14. Leftovers/freezer meal

This week I plan to prep my food correctly before it gets put away.  I want to wash/dry vegetables and put them into the Tupperware Fridge Smart containers I have.  I have found they do help keep things fresh and it also justifies their place in our home if they actually get used.  Interestingly, I just discovered by looking at that site that tomatoes shouldn’t be stored in the fridge, but apples should.  I might even try that this week to see if I can get more life out of them.

Do you have any small tips/tricks to get the most life out of your groceries?




2 Responses to We Keep On Eating – Meal Plan 29th January – 11th February

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’ve also read recently that you generally shouldn’t wash fruit and veg until just before you use them. Some things have a protective bloom and the fruit will deteriorate as soon as this is removed. I found this great site (another one thanks to Pinterest) which tells you how to store fruit and veg: http://viv-spot.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/how-to-store-fresh-produce-from-to.html

    • Renée says:

      Thanks for the link Lindsey, very interesting – the onion/potato thing especially! I haven’t in fact done my big shop yet so will not wash my veg before putting it away and be happy with it.

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