Walking Lighter with Less “Stuff”

Does anyone else feel liberated by getting rid of “stuff”?

I think the commitment to #2012in2012 must be contagious because Steve is well and truly on board too, which makes it a lot easier to keep things moving out the door.

A few refinements have been made to the project.  I’ve decided that even if it should have been general rubbish and thrown out, if I have been holding onto it for any reason (real or imagined) it counts for the purpose of this list. Also, some reason has been applied to the “counting of individual things” idea – a set of 12 wine glasses in a box, that have never been out of their box counted as 1 box.  A wodge (stack/bundle) of receipts were counted as one.

If you have a look through the list you will see we cleaned out a kitchen drawer (more to come from this effort once it has actually left the house), you’ll probably see more of these kinds of patterns if you keep watching.

I pretty habitually look for the recycling symbols so if a plastic item has been binned rather than recycled, it is because there was no mark.  I expect that as time goes on and there are less clutter in the house there will be less and less rubbish and more useful objects to be donated or sold, at this stage though we are still scratching the surface of our “stuff” issues.

On to the nitty gritty, the things that have left the house are:

13 -14. 2x shirts – too big – well done Steve! (donated)

15-17. 3x belts – never worn (donated)

18. glasses case (donated)

19. broken sunglasses (binned)

20 – 21. 2x broken lamps (binned)

22. last year’s calendar (recycled)

23. box of 12 wine glasses, never used (sold)

24-36. 12x place mats & 1 table runner (given away)

37. broken cushion pillow case (binned)

38. broken change mat (binned)

39. pair of broken runners (binned)

40-43. 4x boxes used as toys (recycled)

44. box for the apple slinky machine (recycled)

45. wodge of old receipts saved to do responsible things with, but never used for said responsible things (shredded)

46-47. 2 old membership cards for video shops that have since closed down (shredded)

48. broken hairbrush (binned)

49. heart shaped box (anyone else think of Guitar Hero when I wrote that?) (donated)

50-63. 14x small toys (donated)

64. old wallet (binned)

65-66. 2x freebie DVDs (binned, with cases recycled)

67. damaged toy (binned)

68-70. 3x old toothbrushes, save because they were useful, but how many do we really need? (binned)

71-73. 3x worn/stained wooden/serving spoons (binned)

74. perished turkey baster (binned)

75-77. 3(?)x rusty corn cob holders (binned)

78. plastic decorating nozzle (binned)

79. 1x unknown plastic thing (binned)

80. pair of jeans (given away)

I’m actually pleasantly surprise by that number, but I do know that it will be harder to maintain this level of purging as we clear more out.  I think this is a pretty good start though.

Do you keep things with good intentions?  Is there something you know that you will not do, no matter how well intentioned, that you can move on to a new home?  Alternatively, can you go and do that thing right now, so that the weight of the “should do” no longer need be felt?


7 Responses to Walking Lighter with Less “Stuff”

  1. Relly says:

    Well done Renee…I will use you as my inspiration…I keep meaning to start and after reading your post I believe it will come much easier. I have a pile of stuff in boxes under a tarp outside…will start with that tomorrow seeing as how I have the day to myself. I will let you know how much I get rid of!

    • Renée says:

      I’m really excited that I have inspired you to take action Relly, I would absolutely love you to come back and tell us how you go with your weekend’s work.
      I will admit, writing it all down can be a bit distracting when on a roll, but also very satisfying to see the list at the end.
      Another option would be to weigh the boxes/bags as they go, and keep a weight tally rather than an item count.

      Good luck!

  2. Rhianna says:

    Do like. Thats a lot of stuff.

  3. ErgoOrgo says:

    It is really inspirational to see not just the stuff that you clearing out to streamline your life, but how dedicated you are to recording it all too – I am sure that really helps with motivation and obviously to help meet your goal. I am pretty good at decluttering (6 bags of stuff donated yesterday), but maybe tracking it would help push me further.

    My one tip to get rid of tons more stuff is to consider digitising papers, photos, music, books, and videos – that has definitely reduced clutter in my house by well over 2000 items alone.

    • Renée says:

      Thank you for the tips. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of DVD cases as a space saving thing, but I guess digitising would be even better. I’ll think on that. Perhaps the cost of if could be offset by the sale of a few items as I progress this project.

    • Rhianna says:

      awesome tips. I’m inspired. I need a clean out – desperately!

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