The Golden Ticket – Could I Be a Charlie Bucket?

Hello Blogger Events are giving away the chance to attend the first  “Say Hello Workshop” – a 7 hour event to learn more about blogging.

As a newly re-energised/re-directioned blogger the event caught my attention, however, at the time I was not working and money was tight and I was having a hard time justifying the cost against what is essentially a hobby.  This site is still a hobby, but surely at the start of the adventure is when it is best to ask for help and guidance, not when you have already learned your bad habits?

I was re-thinking my shelving of going to this workshop largely because Steve (my husband) walked out the door Yesterday for 12 hours or so to go to Soundwave Festival whilst I stayed at home with the girls, Miss Squid (3) crying on and off for her Daddy (some of these incidences may have been related to how “mean” I was being at the time).

I went to the website to re-check the time commitment and if I’d missed the cut off date and was pleasantly surprised to find the details for a “golden ticket” promotion – the opportunity to win a chance to go to the workshop.

Deciding that you cannot win unless you try, here I am, writing my first post in a week and a bit! (So thanks ladies for the inspiration and poke to get me back to writing.)

I would happily pretend I’m a celebrity, but I’m afraid I’m not.  I can only regale you with stories for the celebrities I have met though – in one of my past work life incarnations I worked in a theatre.  I also was lucky enough to study at WAAPA.  When I was in first year Production and Design Hugh Jackman was in third year Musical Theatre.  Alex Papps started in the Theatre stream when I was in second year.  Marcus Graham was a graduate who often came back to see shows (and has a really unusual laugh).

When I worked in a theatre as an all round technician I met the likes of Tony Barber, Lorrae Desmond (who is the sweetest most lovely lady who is a true professional), Kamahl, Julie Anthony and more.

One time I worked on a load out of the Big Day Out and helped dismantle the stage rig Powderfinger used whilst The Beastie Boys played on the stage next door.

So Danielle and Melissa, I’d love to add you to my list of celebrities I’ve met, along with the other participants of the workshop.  I would love the opportunity to get out of the house for some non-work non-child related time where I can learn some invaluable skills to help grow my skills to pursue my current “art”.  I’d be happy to talk a little more of the people I have met and create some new stories whilst I’m there.

Please ladies, let me be Charlie Bucket to your Willy Wonka – I’ll only name drop when asked!

4 Responses to The Golden Ticket – Could I Be a Charlie Bucket?

  1. Haha. I do love a good name drop. If you come along we can have a chat about all things name droppie. 😉

    Thanks for entering, good luck!

  2. Danielle says:

    I love it. Sounds like you really need this. GOOD LUCK x

  3. Maureen says:

    I had a great time at Hello Blogger! I’d do it again tomorrow. 🙂

    • Renée says:

      Thanks Maureen, it was great to chat with you.

      I have been over to your blog and am now a subscriber! I will be picking out a few recipes to try out too – and one might just be the colcannon croquettes 😉 Off to download the “Easy Recipes” plugin now.

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