The Front Yard Veggie Patch Project

Dead space

The "Before" shot

We’re very lucky to have a reasonably sized suburban block, with our house pretty central on the block.  Our front yard was once fenced (we have the old gates left under the house), but a previous owner decided it was best to remove this low fencing.

This means that for our lifestyle, it is hard for us to spend much time out the front as we have to be ever aware of Miss Squid’s exploratory nature, and not let ourselves get distracted with the task we might want to complete.  This means the only time our front yard gets any attention is when we walk through it to go out, or when we can’t ignore the jungle any longer and it needs mowing.

Taking with BabyCakes, I think we have agreed that it would be a great spot for a veggie patch, as we walk past it every day (so have no real excuse to ignore the watering or harvesting duties), it is protected by a large hedge, but still gets a good deal of sun.  It also will mean that Dog won’t be able to help with either the “watering” or harvesting duties.  The bonus will also be that there will be less yard to mow and less money to spend on veg.

I’m a bit excited by this project because we’ve been talking for ages about a veggie patch and just have never quite got there.  This feels like it could be just the impetus we need.

Now to plan what we want to eat and how it will fit together.

I need to dig out my books…

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