So Far, So Good

Having written my goals down inspiration really struck.  Fortuitously a new 24 hour gym was opening up quite literally around the corner from where I live.  They had some excellent opening specials and given that Steve was in a similar mindset to me, we both joined up before Christmas.  I actually found the signing up process a bit scary as I had never voluntarily stepped foot in a gym in my life.  I did, however, make it through the process unharmed.

I have regularly been to the gym, three or more times a week since the day it opened.  Over Christmas I managed to stay stable weight wise – which is an achievement for me for any week let alone one with social (eating) events for five days running.

In the end of year sales I managed to get some discounted runners and a pouch to hold my phone so I can listen to music or podcasts as I work out. These accoutroments whilst strictly speaking might be able able to dismissed as “unnecessary” by my practical brain, do help in keeping me safe.  I dropped my phone a couple of times before the pouch purchase and the earbuds pulling out of my ears is surprisingly painful and my old runners whilst were not falling apart were certainly not bought with actual running in mind, were at least 5 years old and were starting to fail.  They also help to keep me honest – I have to justify their purchase, as well as the gym membership from a financial perspective too.


Mostly I use the eliptical trainers as at four and a bit months post pregnancy my body told me I wasn’t quite ready to start the couch to 5k running programme (I was even disappointed when I worked this out, to my shock).  I also eventually used my start up personal training session to ask the trainer to come up with a weight/circuit programme to help build/maintain core/upper body strength and provide some balance so my thighs don’t end up like tree trunks.  The trainer was also keen to keep it simple and low key until I passed the 6 month post birth mark too.


I am feeling good.  I am feeling committed.  I am surprised by how much I actually like my time at the gym, but I do.

Sometimes the only thing that actually gets me out the door is knowing that there will be no more “Mum”s until I get home, but I’m okay with that.

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