Quality Time With The Family?


1. The housekeeper should rise early, open up the house, then have a cup of tea.
2. Prepare the breakfast, i.e., make porridge, put the kettle on.
3. Sweep the room in which the meal is to be taken.
4. While dust is settling, put the articles for setting the table on a tray.
5. Dust the room.
6. Set the table.
7. Finish preparing breakfast.
8. After the meal clear away, brush and fold the cloth.
9. Wash up.
10. Attend to the bedrooms, which should then be sufficiently aired.
11. Plan and arrange the meals for the day.
12. Sweep and dust the house.
13. Special work.
14. Preparation for lunch.
15. After lunch wash up and prepare dinner. Leave the kitchen tidy.
16. Free time. Sew, recreation etc.
17. Cook and serve dinner.
18. Wash up and tidy the kitchen.

Savage, Winifred 1941 A Handbook of Home Management, 6th Edn, Alfred henry Pettifer, Acting Government Printer Sydney


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