Paralysed by the Image of Perfection

I was going to title this post “Paralysed by Perfection” but I have learned over time that perfection in itself is often either a brief moment in time or a fantasy (for me).

I am finding though on my blogging journey that I want it all.  I want timely content, I want true and factual content, pretty pictures, interesting projects.  The problem is that I often have time in 10 minute pockets which is not enough time to report on a project, it is not enough time to process pictures, or get a good “flow” when writing. So as an extremely practised procrastinator I have done nothing.

I found myself not tidying things around the house because I wanted to document them for the blog, or not trying a new recipe for the same reason.  The reality is there will be plenty of time to revisit all of these things, and I should still be moving on looking for the next opportunity to document something for you.

This is why there have been no posts of late (well that and a very painful lesson about saving your work at appropriate intervals which saw half a post get lost in an attempt to publish it).  Mostly though the stars have not been aligning to be able to do a full post at once so I have been hiding behind “I want to do it ‘right'” or “Now that it has been so long, I need something spectacular to get me back under way”.   I still want to do it right, but I have realised that realistically, I just have to do *something* first to get through this rough spot where I work out how everything fits together.

So today I write about my philosophical learnings that for me, sometimes just doing something even if it is not quite what you want it to be, is as important as doing something as well as you can.  Realistically, today this is the best that I can do and that is okay, especially if it can be a small step to break the procrastination cycle and get out of this rut.

On a practical and specific note, I apologise to those on the mailing list that I have not sent out the meal planner document for a while, I am working on a perpetual planner and hope I can introduce a few more printables too.




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  1. Rhianna says:

    I have a folder for my images named “Raw”. I put all my raw photos into it. I spend about five minutes looking at the photos, and write down the numbers of the ones I want to use. I then use the Photoscape program to process the photos (resize, label, put borders on, arrange ect) and then save them to a folder called “To be blogged”. I can do this when I have time, and it doesn’t need to be all in one sitting once I have the numbers of the images I intend on using.

    Sometimes, I will write a blog post in Word, and save it until I want to use it. Again, this allows me to develop an idea, and I can do it at a time (or multiple times!) when its convenient to do so.

    Detail takes time. If you want to talk in detail, then this approach may work for you. In my recent post about Tyler’s birth, I did it from 2am – 4.30am, and I didn’t feel tired the next day. (That is a whole different story, cause I think it was a bit of an emotional release for me [ ]).

    I am enjoying your blog posts. Time may be an issue, but its time well spent – I for one appreciate it =)

    (SO I guess asking you to be a guest writer for my Enviro blog is out of the question? LOL!)


    • Renée says:

      Thanks Rhi, some good tips, I will look at implementing some of them.

      I do add to posts over the course of days (which is what was happening when I lost the one I was referring to), but sometimes I just get into the groove when my attention is demanded elsewhere – it is then that I get very frustrated. I have a stack of incomplete drafts where the impetus has been lost. I know I need to get back to part 2 of the book bag project too!

      • Lindsey says:

        I have a heap of unfinished drafts. I start them then think I’ll finish/edit/add photos later. Then of course I find something else to blog about, which I can do much quicker (my “Things That Make Me Smile series has been a great way to quickly get posts out but I think they need a photo with them which can be a hold up). And then the post gets forgotten about or sits there so long it pretty much has to be rewritten. I think it’s just that I’m very busy, a bit disorganised, totally tired and not giving it a high enough priority.

  2. Jimmy Jo Jo Shabadoo Jnr. says:

    I do this sometimes as well, often when listing things for ebay. I want a block of time, so that I can get it all done in one sitting, but I also want to list them at such a time that the auctions finish at a good time too. Due to needing specific conditions to be met, I often dont get it done for weeks. Then I feel bad for not having done it, so I lower my specific conditions needed and just get it done.

    To be honest, I can be this way about other things too, even playing skyrim. ‘I need a block of a couple of hours, I need to have noone around…’ etc. So I can be left with nothing to do, because everything I want to do doesn’t fit the bill, so to speak.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Renee, this post really struck a note with me. I haven’t blogged for ages and I’m feeling like a real blog failure right now. It feels a bit like I can either do it or I can blog about it but I don’t have time to do both. I constantly construct posts in my head and then don’t get to writing them down. I want to share photos and stories about my kids and what they’re up to and I need to change direction of my professional blog (, which has received very little love for about the last year and a half. And then there’s my original blog ( which I looked at yesterday for the first time in ages, which I haven’t posted on for almost two years and barely since I first got pregnant in 2008 and started up my family blog. I do kind of want it all right now but am realising that I just can’t have it. On the other hand, my children are changing so much I don’t want to miss chronicling this time in our lives.

    • Renée says:

      Hi Lindsey,

      I see you have since written a post and really liked the facebook update style. It certainly gave an overall picture of your day. Sometimes it is good to do something a bit differently.

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