Well. It’s been nearly a year since I have posted. My excuse is I’ve been somewhat busy and/or tired for most of the past year. I do however have a few projects to work on, so I hope I can remedy that.

With Squiddley’s arrival life has changed dramatically. Life with a child does tend to make one much more domestically focussed. A baby does not *make* you stay home, but it tends to be easier to stay at home. “Ducking out” anywhere doesn’t happen for me too much any more, given that I don’t usually have a hand free as I walk out of the door, and that’s after I make sure there are no obvious puke/pee/poo stains one either of mine or Squiddley’s outfits. The size of the baby is not an indication of how much extra work there is to do either. One look of our washing line on laundry day and you’ll usually find half the line dedicated to Squiddley’s clothes/sheets/wipes/nappies and the other half is for us bigger folk in the house.

I plan to organise my budget better, and plan more to leave less to chance in our lives. Its such a simple thing to say, but a big thing to do, so hopefully, that’s a project that will have some longevity.

I’ve also been using Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) exclusively for the last couple of months and have had lots of questions about them from friends who know that I’m using them. I’ve discovered that my opinions of the many different styles and brands change back and forth over time as Squiddley grows and fills them out differently. I decided that I should write about my experiences so that I can share them with interested folks without coming across as some kind of weird nappy zealot – there are enough ways I’m weird as it is!

So, that’s my plan. Given that it has taken me hours to write this much, we’ll see how it all goes.

Hopefully, I shall update soon with some MCN chronicles!

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