Meal Plan ~ 1st – 14th January 2012

In line with the goals I have set, I wrote a meal plan for the first time in months.  I have concentrated on the evening meal as we usually have cereal/toast for breakfast and sandwiches/leftovers for lunches.  In time, I might manage to meal plan all meals if I find it helps.

This fortnight we will be eating:

  1. Tomato/mince sauce and home made pasta
  2. Stuffed chicken breast with steamed vegetables
  3. Home made burgers with salad
  4. Chops and steamed vegetables
  5. Vegetable patties/sausages with salad
  6. Home made salmon pizza
  7. Home made sushi
  8. Stuffed chicken breast with salad (coleslaw)
  9. Fish with steamed vegetables and rice
  10. Tomato/mince sauce and home made pasta
  11. Home made burgers with salad
  12. Hot dogs
  13. Steak and salad (coleslaw)
  14. Vegetable patties/sausages with salad

I have not assigned meals to days at this stage because I think a more fluid approach will work for us.  I have also doubled up on some of our popular meals for no other reason than we like them (and/or they are easy meals).


Do you meal plan?  What is your process?  Do you use an app/online programme?  I’d love to hear from you.


P.S.  In the name of transparency (and cute factor), after I took the post picture I got called away to unload the dishwasher/washing machine/answer the phone/check the baby and Miss Squid found my photo shoot materials and left her mark.  This is what I will actually be planning with:

A nearly 3 year old likes to help...

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