I’m Still Here!

This week I satarted back at (paid) work. The girls are getting used to long day care and I’m getting to know my new boss who started whilst I was on leave. It has been a bit intense to say the least.

The upheaval has had its effect on all of our sleeping patterns and getting everyone up and out the door on time has been a challenge. Unfortunately my blog time and energy has suffered. Hopefully I can find my feet very soon.

I can report that my #NothingNew pledge has suffered a bit of a blow, but I guess that is the nature of challenges. I ended up buying a work shirt, pants and swimmers; and today I could not stand my old ill fitting bras anymore and bought some new ones. The bras I can almost justify as needed given the really bad state of my old non-maternity bras and the oversized nature of the maternity bras (which unfortunately are not needed for their function any more). I was certainly very mindful of all the purchases which is part of the overall point of the challenge.

Thank you for hanging in with me!

3 Responses to I’m Still Here!

  1. GeekGurlPhD says:

    Everyone has a time of adjustment or just plain ‘off weeks’. I’ve been having one too! Never got my ‘thoughtful’ post done for last week, and the number of ‘tidbytes’ has dropped by more than half. In the end we do what we can do. 🙂

    Hang in there.

  2. Rhianna says:

    Its gonna take some time to adjust to the changes. And I don’t mean just for you. Just remember to take the time and enjoy your family and don’t get too stressed about it all.

  3. Renée says:

    Thanks for the comments 🙂 I have found it frustrating this week that I want to for the blog but finding time to write has been hard as I’ve been trying to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone which means my creative outlets get pushed to the bottom of the pile of “important stuff to do”.

    I think routines are becoming more important as I get older!

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