Giveaway – An Autographed Copy of Homemade Health from the Herbology At Home Series


I know it has been a while, but I have a good excuse which is taking me an age to blog about.  I will explain it all but I really wanted to share that The Accidental Hippy is participating in a virtual book tour to celebrate the release of Anke Bialas‘ latest book Homemade Health.  Anke will also be dropping by with a guest post (our very first – yay!).

Herbology At Home Book 3 - Homemade Health

I have a review copy here that has been given to me as part of the tour which I am excited to be able to give away!

I have decided to try out an off site raffle/give away site as it promises that it should be an easy way to do it.  The cool part of doing it this way is that I have been able to give everyone up to 7 opportunities to win depending on how much you are willing to do (you might decide to only do one thing – that is fine too).

You can get:

  • 2 entries if you tell us (via the rafflecopter widget) about a homemade remedy that was used in your house when you were a child (especially if you continue to use it today),
  • an entry if you Like Herbology on facebook,
  • another for following @HerbologyAtHome on twitter,
  • another for liking The Accidental Hippy on facebook,
  • one for following @AccidentLHippy on twitter,
  • and lastly one for tweeting about the give away.

You will need to sign in to the widget below (or the one on facebook) and register that you have done any/all of these things.  At the close of the competition I will randomly select a winner and notify them via email.  I will announce the winner on the blog, facebook and twitter as well.  I will also collate a selection of homemade memories and publish them on The Accidental Hippy before the end of the book tour.  One entry per person, please.

Please visit the giveaway page to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


9 Responses to Giveaway – An Autographed Copy of Homemade Health from the Herbology At Home Series

  1. Looks like a fantastic book and I have a little remedy that has been used and is still used in our family.

    On really cold frosty mornings my Mother used to rub cayenne pepper into our feet before putting our sox on. Something Gran used to do to here back in England. I did it for my children for their walk down the road to catch the school bus on frosty mornings, and I see now that my son sprinkles it in my grandsons sox on these freezing mornings. Testimony that it works and keeps the tootsies warm!

    • Anke says:

      Hi Jacqui,

      I love that! Cayenne is well known to stimulate blood circulation and can be added to oils and liniments to create some heat by getting the blood circulating in that area. Apart from that it’s great to increase your metabolism when you eat it. And ever noticed how your nose starts to run when you eat super spicy foods? that’s the cayenne/chilli content. Fabulous stuff if you can handle the heat. Thanks for popping by Jacqui, I hope you enter Renée’s giveaway (on the previous post) for an autographed copy of Homemade Health. Good luck!

  2. Umm Lam'yaa says:

    I drink echinacea tea whenever I feel a bug coming on and loads of fresh garlic and ginger ;). I liked both pages on FB I don’t have twitter

    • Anke says:

      I make an elderberry syrup for my kids for exactly that same purpose. How fabulous you are already using what you know to keep healthy.

  3. Kelli Stevens says:

    Unfortunately my family weren’t very health savvy like that, not a lot of natural remedies in our home besides Vitamin C when we were getting sick and (warm) hot water bottles against the ear when I used to have regular ear aches.

    I am hoping to be more pro-active with my own little family though, we use a lot of echinacea, garlic, etc – much like the entry above – and the only cold and flu medicine that seems to work for us is Ease-A-Cold which is full of various herbs. The heavily medicated stuff (Codral, etc) doesn’t do a thing!

    At the moment I am looking into what herbs and natural remedies I can use for my 10mo son, both now and in the future, as I know some things won’t sit right with him yet at such a young age. 🙂

  4. Ti says:

    Hello! I just found your wonderful blog and have bookmarked it for sure! and signed up to follow you via email.
    I would love to win this book… love herbs and keep learning more about them and their uses everyday!
    Blessings galore!

  5. Ti says:

    Now for a ‘slight-stretch’ of an herbal remedy… I know there are so many medicinal uses but have to post this one.. nothing cheers me up like using some herb, like violets, in jam and on a day that is just ordinary or maybe I feel a little down in the dumps… I pamper myself with some wonderful china, tea and violet jam upon some toast or biscuits. After all, our mental well being is what is revived here… medicinal??? ; )

    Thanks for humoring me and the chance to WIN THE BOOK!

  6. Ti says:

    Now for another chance to win~ (can you tell I am trying?!!!)
    I visited HERBOLOGY, where I have never been that I can recall and am now following her.
    I part. love uses for herbs for skin care and aim to try her recipe for the bath cookies!!!
    AND I love to have the chance to win some of your rose cream too… I too, beekeeper and put together recipe books and sold at the Farmer’s market for uses of honey and honey and herbs for the skin, hair and such and always love trying more.

    BTW did you know that the ROSE is the HERB OF THE YEAR???!!! So let’s exploit her!
    ; )

  7. Ti says:

    PS sorry… so confused.. I came over from Comfrey Cottgaes… she has the rose cream??? I am lost on whose blog!!! still want to win!

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