Cheap Tuesday Tips – Be Present

Cheap Tuesday

Hey look, it is Tuesday again!

Today’s tip it to slow down, just a little bit and be present in the moment.

Life too easily gets way too hectic as we try to squeeze everything into short time frames so we have more “spare” time to enjoy our lives.  For a long time I thought there was great skill in multitasking (and there can be), but we should not strive for it to become the norm.  Concentrating on one thing and doing it well is a great thing.

I have been so busy/distracted thinking about other things in my morning shower I can’t remember if I’ve washed my hair, so I wash my hair (again) just in case, but if I slowed down a bit and was a bit more present my shower could have been that little bit shorter or I could have used less shampoo and been a little bit less concerned about my mental state or frustrated with myself. I have also had times where I have been so rushed/flustered to move on to the next “to do” item that I have not set the washing machine to the intended cycle/closed the detergent dispenser all the way so none of it gets used/forgotten what I was doing and had to retrace my steps.

This is a big challenge for me, but a worthwhile one.  I think my relationships will benefit from having a bit more one on one time if I can retrain myself to not to seek out every way to multitask.

My goal this week is to do things once and do them properly, by just taking a bit more time. I hope this will in turn save me time, energy, and ultimately, money.

Do you find yourself having to repeat some tasks because not quite enough attention was given to it to start with?

5 Responses to Cheap Tuesday Tips – Be Present

  1. Beth says:

    I love this article. I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and I have to remind myself several times to finish what I’ve started before I move on to something else! The meds I take help some but reminding myself to be “more present” helps a lot also. Love reading your advice!

  2. Petrina says:

    I normally rush out the door very early in the morning. To make sure I have everything I need in my handbag I count the items. If I’ve counted up to six, then I have all my essential items (Keys, sunglasses and glasses (one glasses case), phone, purse, word ID card, train Go Card). If I don’t count to six, I know I’m missing something.

  3. Caroline says:

    I’m always having to do stuff over again because I’m freaking out over something else and not putting the energy into the one thing. Then I feel the anxiety mounting over “all the things I have to do” and most of the time I’ll be too busy loosing my shit that most of it doesn’t get done.

    Thinking about one thing at a time is a good idea, and I’ve often tried to do this but find I can’t hold onto the thought because my stupid brain is off and racing again.

    I think I have what Beth describes as AADD.

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