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Year in Review

This time last year  I was planning my 2012 goals, and so I am feeling like this is an obvious time of review.  I have had mixed results this year, but overall I do believe I am in a better spot than I was last year, which has got to be a positive.  I might

I’m Still Here!

This week I satarted back at (paid) work. The girls are getting used to long day care and I’m getting to know my new boss who started whilst I was on leave. It has been a bit intense to say the least. The upheaval has had its effect on all of our sleeping patterns and

Welcome to Cheap Tuesday Tips

For some time now Australian retailers and entertainment venues have been trying to lure customers our of their homes on Tuesdays with discounted rates which are colloquially known as “Cheap Tuesdays” (or “Tight a*$ed Tuesday” for the less genteelly inclined).  This offer is largely dominated by movie theatres and restaurants located around them – most


Lots of things have been happening in my life that seem to have converged in a serendipitous way.   This has led to contemplation and a commitment to change a fair few different but linked areas in my life.. My goals for 2012 are: I want to not buy anything new that is not necessary

A New Plan

Hello loyal readers! (?) I have decided to make some changes to the way I blog and as such, have decided to split my blogs more clearly and develop them a little more independently and for different purposes. To that end I’ve decided to start posting here as Dichotomy Girl to try and creat more

rou·tine tells me: rou·tine    [roo-teen] noun 1. a customary or regular course of procedure. 2. commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity: the routine of an office. 3. regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure. 4. an unvarying and constantly repeated formula, as

Small Steps.

I was recently introduced to the delights of Hyperbole and a Half and specifically this Hyperbole and a Half: This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult post that REALLY resonated with me.  It was fun to see someone articulate my housekeeping style so well.  Even so, I was not proud of this part of

Procrastination is Fear.

I read the title quote on  It struck a chord with me and I don’t want to live in fear any more. I have had times in my life when I was painfully organised.  I’ve had times when I have lived like a slob.  I don’t remember being stressed by being organised, I just