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Crockpot Vegetarian Lasagne – Our Take

  It had been a long time since I had seen a recipe that was interesting enough for me to want to try it (other than as a “one day” project).  This was a recipe that felt like it could fit into our style of eating as a semi-regular addition to our regular dining repertoire

What a Start!

The blog was officially launched today, and I have been overwhelmed with the support, thank you. I’m here to do another meal planner post so here goes… Last fortnight’s planning went well, we made a few adjustments but did not have to have to go back to the supermarket after the big shop which is

Meal Plan ~ 1st – 14th January 2012

In line with the goals I have set, I wrote a meal plan for the first time in months.  I have concentrated on the evening meal as we usually have cereal/toast for breakfast and sandwiches/leftovers for lunches.  In time, I might manage to meal plan all meals if I find it helps. This fortnight we


Lots of things have been happening in my life that seem to have converged in a serendipitous way.   This has led to contemplation and a commitment to change a fair few different but linked areas in my life.. My goals for 2012 are: I want to not buy anything new that is not necessary

rou·tine tells me: rou·tine    [roo-teen] noun 1. a customary or regular course of procedure. 2. commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity: the routine of an office. 3. regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure. 4. an unvarying and constantly repeated formula, as

Small Steps.

I was recently introduced to the delights of Hyperbole and a Half and specifically this Hyperbole and a Half: This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult post that REALLY resonated with me.  It was fun to see someone articulate my housekeeping style so well.  Even so, I was not proud of this part of

The Front Yard Veggie Patch Project

We’re very lucky to have a reasonably sized suburban block, with our house pretty central on the block.  Our front yard was once fenced (we have the old gates left under the house), but a previous owner decided it was best to remove this low fencing. This means that for our lifestyle, it is hard

A Day Out, Some New Projects – Green Heart Fair

Today a fair was held by Brisbane City Council to encourage people to live more sustainable lifestyles.  We were lured out by the promise of free trees (which we didn’t end up getting because they ran out. We did end up spending a surprise amount of money, mostly on products we had talked about getting

Quality Time With The Family?

PLAN OF A DAY’S WORK FROM 1941 1. The housekeeper should rise early, open up the house, then have a cup of tea. 2. Prepare the breakfast, i.e., make porridge, put the kettle on. 3. Sweep the room in which the meal is to be taken. 4. While dust is settling, put the articles for