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The Front Yard Veggie Patch Project

We’re very lucky to have a reasonably sized suburban block, with our house pretty central on the block.  Our front yard was once fenced (we have the old gates left under the house), but a previous owner decided it was best to remove this low fencing. This means that for our lifestyle, it is hard

A Day Out, Some New Projects – Green Heart Fair

Today a fair was held by Brisbane City Council to encourage people to live more sustainable lifestyles.  We were lured out by the promise of free trees (which we didn’t end up getting because they ran out. We did end up spending a surprise amount of money, mostly on products we had talked about getting

Fighting Father Christmas…

Now that we’re married, and the wedding and honeymoon are paid for, we can start to think about spending time, energy and money on other things, and one thing we have been super keen to put some energy into is the house and garden. Last weekend and this, we’ve been in the garden starting to