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Year in Review

This time last year  I was planning my 2012 goals, and so I am feeling like this is an obvious time of review.  I have had mixed results this year, but overall I do believe I am in a better spot than I was last year, which has got to be a positive.  I might

The Golden Ticket – Could I Be a Charlie Bucket?

Hello Blogger Events are giving away the chance to attend the first  “Say Hello Workshop” – a 7 hour event to learn more about blogging. As a newly re-energised/re-directioned blogger the event caught my attention, however, at the time I was not working and money was tight and I was having a hard time justifying

Making a Sheet (or Book) Bag – Part 1

I finally managed to secure some day care so that I could get back to (part time) work, which is a huge relief for me as the budget was starting to get a bit scary. Unfortunately it was not my preferred option of home based Family Day Care, but in a long day care centre.

I’m Still Here!

This week I satarted back at (paid) work. The girls are getting used to long day care and I’m getting to know my new boss who started whilst I was on leave. It has been a bit intense to say the least. The upheaval has had its effect on all of our sleeping patterns and

Welcome To My Internal Dialogue

As I predicted when I set my goals for this year “Nothing New” has been a challenge, and not one I am particularly happy with my progress on. Early in the new year I was out shopping, as one does, and was accosted with a mountain of marked down Christmas decorations, and I mean seriously

Time For Alarm

I have continued to go to the gym at least twice a week, but it is starting to slip down the priority list a bit.  I think it is time to step up again and deliberately make some time and space to get to the gym. Sleeping patterns in our house are a tenuous thing

Walking Lighter with Less “Stuff”

Does anyone else feel liberated by getting rid of “stuff”? I think the commitment to #2012in2012 must be contagious because Steve is well and truly on board too, which makes it a lot easier to keep things moving out the door. A few refinements have been made to the project.  I’ve decided that even if

The All New Accidental Hippy

After setting some goals for 2012 I was inspired to go out and start making some changes to reach those goals as waiting for an arbitrary date seemed incongruous to the goals.  I needed to take action whilst I still had drive and impetus. One of my goals was “post more regularly on my blog”. 

So Far, So Good

Having written my goals down inspiration really struck.  Fortuitously a new 24 hour gym was opening up quite literally around the corner from where I live.  They had some excellent opening specials and given that Steve was in a similar mindset to me, we both joined up before Christmas.  I actually found the signing up

New Year Purge

I’m still not sure how specific to be on my 2012 in 2012 project.  Is every small piece an item?  I’ve already decided that general household garbage does not count toward this tally, but I’m not sure how other small items work.  I think initially I will count everything as much as I can until