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Making Greener Cleaners

I’d like to thank The Accidental Hippy for inviting me to post today.  Life can get pretty crazy and I love the concept of slowing down, casting off unnecessary ‘stuff’ and living a life mindful of our impact on others as well as the planet.  There have been some inspiring posts right here on this

Recipe – Chocolate Bread

Today’s recipe title is care of Miss Squid.  We call it Chocolate Spread, she calls it Chocolate Bread – which makes sense to a 3 year old. A friend shared a recipe she was planning to make with a parent’s group I’m in.  It certainly got my ears perking with “Home Made Nutella Type Spread”.

Making a Sheet (or Book) Bag – Part 1

I finally managed to secure some day care so that I could get back to (part time) work, which is a huge relief for me as the budget was starting to get a bit scary. Unfortunately it was not my preferred option of home based Family Day Care, but in a long day care centre.

10-15 Minute Project – Bathroom Cabinet

I think most people trying to find freedom from clutter and mess have stumbled across or referred to FlyLady at some stage (and if you hadn’t before, you have now). There is a lot of positive advice from FlyLady but it didn’t work for me because it is not really open for customisation as so

Welcome To My Internal Dialogue

As I predicted when I set my goals for this year “Nothing New” has been a challenge, and not one I am particularly happy with my progress on. Early in the new year I was out shopping, as one does, and was accosted with a mountain of marked down Christmas decorations, and I mean seriously

Time For Alarm

I have continued to go to the gym at least twice a week, but it is starting to slip down the priority list a bit.  I think it is time to step up again and deliberately make some time and space to get to the gym. Sleeping patterns in our house are a tenuous thing

Crockpot Vegetarian Lasagne – Our Take

  It had been a long time since I had seen a recipe that was interesting enough for me to want to try it (other than as a “one day” project).  This was a recipe that felt like it could fit into our style of eating as a semi-regular addition to our regular dining repertoire

What a Start!

The blog was officially launched today, and I have been overwhelmed with the support, thank you. I’m here to do another meal planner post so here goes… Last fortnight’s planning went well, we made a few adjustments but did not have to have to go back to the supermarket after the big shop which is

So Far, So Good

Having written my goals down inspiration really struck.  Fortuitously a new 24 hour gym was opening up quite literally around the corner from where I live.  They had some excellent opening specials and given that Steve was in a similar mindset to me, we both joined up before Christmas.  I actually found the signing up

Meal Plan ~ 1st – 14th January 2012

In line with the goals I have set, I wrote a meal plan for the first time in months.  I have concentrated on the evening meal as we usually have cereal/toast for breakfast and sandwiches/leftovers for lunches.  In time, I might manage to meal plan all meals if I find it helps. This fortnight we