About The Accidental Hippy

I am an accidental hippy.  A geek.  A mother.  A jack of all trades, but master of none.

I am a working mother of two lovely young girls .  I am very lucky that I have a flexible part time job that understands the balance that a working parent needs.  I currently work in administration but have worked as a touring stage manager, in house theatre technician, cinema projectionist, cleaner, sandwich maker, box office ticket salesperson and have been an informal (and unqualified) tech support staffer.

I am married to Steve, who puts up with my worst and encourages my best.  Together we have managed to make a lovely family with our two pre-school aged girls, Miss Squid and Miss Bernie.  These three people make me smile every day and help me find meaning in the smallest of things.  I live in a small family unit now, but grew up in a large family, now being one of eight children.  This helps me understand the dynamics of a lot of different kinds of families – I’m part of them!

I have chosen to live in Brisbane, Australia having lived in nearly as many houses as years I’ve been alive (not quite that many cities, but still quite a few).  Brisbane has definitely become home for me but I still try to visit a lot of the paces I’ve lived as I have family all over the country.

I  learn something new every day.

I am Renée.