A Project Coming Soon…

We have a three bedroom house. One room is our bedroom, one is a computer room/study, where I’m sitting right now (down by the kitchen), and the third bedroom, near ours, has been the guest room.

It will be re-purposed.

Into a nursery.

Despite the temptation to pick out furniture, themes and paint schemes as soon as one comes to grips with such big news, there is a need to be a bit reserved. For one, there will be an influx of family at Christmas who will be looking for places to sleep, and secondly, there are some that think I shouldn’t have even told you the big news at this stage (9 weeks), because the risk of miscarriage is still significantly high.

Thirdly, there is the whole “will you find out the gender” debate… not that a baby will care what colour their room is, but the adults around it tend to. To be honest, I’m very tempted to decorate around the existing shade of pale yellow, so that I don’t have so many colour dilemmas.

As for themes, the early fore-runner in my mind is a Noah’s Ark/Animal theme… generic, but cute…

If I leave the paint colour the same, then the spare room remains non-offensive for guests, and a quick swap over of furniture after Christmas should mean that it is a fairly painless process. (Let’s hope so!)

I wonder if I will indulge my Ikea fetish, or find another way to furnish the room… At the forefront of my mind is the need for the room and furniture to grow with the child – I don’t want to have to throw out the “nursery” furniture and start over again when the child reaches 3. Perhaps by the time bub is 3, some of their personality can be reflected in a new paint job.

Who knows! At the moment, only the seed of the project exists.

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