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Recipe – Chocolate Bread

Recipe – Chocolate Bread

Today’s recipe title is care of Miss Squid.  We call it Chocolate Spread, she calls it Chocolate Bread – which makes sense to a 3 year old. A friend shared a recipe she was planning to make with a parent’s group I’m in.  It certainly got my ears perking with “Home Made Nutella Type Spread”.

Cheap Tuesday – Pump Bottle Dosage

Welcome to another Cheap Tuesday tip.  This one relates to pump bottles like hand soap, bulk shampoo, body wash, dishwashing liquid and the like. Often depressing the pump will give you more product than you actually need. If this is the case you can wrap an elastic band under the pump head and slide/roll it

Paralysed by the Image of Perfection

I was going to title this post “Paralysed by Perfection” but I have learned over time that perfection in itself is often either a brief moment in time or a fantasy (for me). I am finding though on my blogging journey that I want it all.  I want timely content, I want true and factual