10-15 Minute Project – Bathroom Cabinet

I think most people trying to find freedom from clutter and mess have stumbled across or referred to FlyLady at some stage (and if you hadn’t before, you have now). There is a lot of positive advice from FlyLady but it didn’t work for me because it is not really open for customisation as so much of what she says is has become a catchphrase “shine your sink”  “dressed to your shoes”.  I appreciate the sentiments, but we are often shoeless in our house and I just can’t muster up enough care for how shiny my sink is.  I did try.  Steve looked at me oddly as I was trying to polish the sink.  When you are struggling to get your dishes done, a shiny sink hardly seemed a priority (we got a dishwasher and the sink is still rarely sparkling).  I even tried redefining so that “shine my sink” in my head now says “put away the toaster”.  I still did not fly. Anyway, this is not meant to be a review of the method.

One thing that does work for me, and was reinforced with the Home Routines app is the 15 minute clean – don’t start jobs that can’t be completed in 15 minutes.  This does not mean don’t do big jobs, it means break them down into chunks. Some days even 15 lineal minutes to concentrate on a task is a big ask, so I take it as it comes.  10-15 minutes is what I hope for.

I think this one still took 3 x 5 minute chunks!


Dirty cabinet shelf

Fifteen minutes later:

That's better! All clean.

For those playing along at home, those yellow tubs are re-purposed Play-Doh tubs.  They were too good to throw away but the dough had been left out and gone crusty and/or mixed together into one brown colour that can be stored in fewer pots.

I took everything out, cleaned up the shelf, decided what old things to throw out, moved some others to a more appropriate storage spot, put away some new Christmas present make up brushes and put aside some expired medications to be returned to a chemist/pharmacy/drugstore for proper destruction (medications should never be thrown away with general household rubbish so that they are not inappropriately accessed by children/animals and also to make sure harmful chemicals are not leached into the ground as landfill).

This is a fifteen minute project that makes me smile every time I open the medicine cabinet – so much nicer to look at!

Can you find fifteen minutes to do a much put off task?


I have registered this project with

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8 Responses to 10-15 Minute Project – Bathroom Cabinet

  1. Rhianna says:

    Ohh Shiny!

    I actually have been quite angst about cleaning the kitchen cupboards for about a week. We just went through our bedroom and half of the lounge room with the concept “If it hasn’t been used in 12 months, throw it away!” SO MUCH LIGHTER!! winning.

  2. Renée says:

    The 12 month rule is a good one. I still have to get over my “But it could be useful” compulsion to really embrace that one!

  3. I love that you re-purposed playdoh tubs!!

    • Renée says:

      Thanks 🙂 I really enjoy using things outside the scope of their expected use. I also think they will be easily cleaned if things get mucky in the bathroom cabinet as it sometimes happens.

  4. I love this concept and will definitely try it! I think 15 minutes is manageable with kids too! 🙂 Found you via The Organised Housewife. Come say hi at Just For Daisy!

  5. AnkeB says:

    But I like a shiny sink!
    Admittedly it’s not shiny all the time but I will polish at least twice a week to appease my OCD

    Love the 15 minute chunking, I’ll definitely apply that to those jobs that always seem to make it to the back of the list because they’ll take longer than I have.

  6. Anne says:

    I really wish my extreme nursing OCD translated to my personal lack of housekeeping! I rarely have a shiney sink, the pantry is months overdue a good cleanout, and as for the bathroom drawers….better left closed!

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